Become Umrah Agent

We’re excited to find possibilities around the world

If you are interested in becoming Suhail Abdullah Al. Motiri Est. External Agent (EA) please read the following, then register your interest below.

To be an Umrah agent, you have to:

  1. Have a legally registered Travel Agency.
  2. Are an IATA Member
  3. Be able to create a Bank Guarantee of SR200,000
  4. And to agree to Suhail Abdullah Al. Motiri Est.

These are the mandatory by Ministry of Haj in Saudi Arabia. If you meet the requirements, Let’s start:

Step 1: Umrah Agent

Step 2: Suhail Abdullah Al. Motiri Est.
  • We will review your information, have a look at your company profile
  • We will send you three copies of the signed & stamped by Suhail Abdullah Al. Motiri Est. and attested by Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah
  • And a Letter addressed to Saudi Embassy or consulate at your country, along with other documents required
Step 3: Agent
  • Sign and stamp all 3 copies of the
  • Sign and stamp
  • Attest all three copies of contract by Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Tourism or Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country
  • Attest all three copies of contract, a true copy of your local registration and an arabic translation of local registration by Saudi Embassy or consulate
  • Send all these documents to us by Courier for final review. Here is a list of them, and our address
  • Arrange for a
  • Send us a copy of the bank Guarantee SWIFT by Email
Step 4: Suhail Abdullah Al. Motiri Est.
  • Our bank should send us the confirmation of the Bank Guarantee
  • We will attest all the documents from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia
  • And get the final approval from Ministry of Haj, whom will retain a copy of the contract
  • We will keep one copy of the contract, and send your copy by courier
  • Finally, we will provide you with Sign In information to Umra services System to begin Visa issuance
Step 5: Agent
  • You will be a certified Umra External Agent now, CONGRATULATIONS